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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine with Dr. Bergernew-patientsHow many times have you heard of someone with various complaints having blood work done only to be told by their doctor that their lab is normal and nothing is wrong with them and that their problem is in their head? Then, many times, they are prescribed anti-depressant medication to cope with “their” problem. This method leads to frustration, marginalizes the patient, and complicates their overall health.

Functional Medicine (FM) is a better approach. FM is simply a method that uses the same data (e.g. blood, saliva, stool, hair, hormonal panels) but instead of just reading the reference range (given by the lab itself) to look for highs (H) and lows (L), FM also takes into account ratiospatterns, and tendencies as well as the levels to assess the patient’s imbalance. In this way the patient has the best chance of maximizing their health since intervention is occurring in an early stage rather than allowing the progression of pathology. These imbalances can eventually progress into full-blown pathology thus making FM a more accurate method to address the patient’s needs.