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Patient Resources

The more you understand how your body functions, the better equipped you’ll be in achieving optimal health. We’ve included in the Patient Education section on our website websites, books and references so that your health goals can be achieved. Please use these resources and whenever you have a question about health related issues and urge you to contact our practice at any time tomake an appointment.


These resources include

Websites  A great informative website bearing the name of one of the truly great pioneers in nutritional science. Ted Carrick is known as the Father of Functional Neurology and one of my mentors. A great resource of many great health science books.


Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon: A must-have cookbook addressing proper food preparation and techniques with recipes on the value of eating whole unadulterated foods.

Know Your Fats – Mary Enig: A great refererence book on the importance of fat and cholesterol in our diet. Ms. Enig goes through each oil in fine detail and makes it clear which oils are beneficial and which are not.